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With more than 2 million high school graduates yearly, the Philippines has a stable source of manpower. The country also maintains a literacy rate of more than 95%.
The Philippine Educational system continues to churn out graduates which can potentially supply the demand of the industry. For instance, there are 2.4 million Filipinos presently enrolled in College/University education. Of this figure, 557 thousand is related to business administration, 260 thousand to math and computer related, and 352 thousand to engineering related courses. Moreover, there are also 319 thousand College students enrolled in medical and allied courses.
A survey by Kelly Services, Inc. based in Michigan, showed that India is no longer the first choice of U.S. companies looking to setup their offshore backroom operations. The study also cited companies eyeing the Philippines as the better site due to quality. Filipinos enjoy a comparative advantage over American workers since (1) labor costs in the Philippines are a fraction of US labor costs (minimum wage of approx $7 per day as of May 2006), and (2) most BPO workers in the Philippines are college graduates. Many overseas labor outsource entities also prefer Filipinos over Indians when it comes to customer support and customer interaction due to Filipinos' relative ease and familiarity with American culture and US slang.

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